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Manual Claim

Claim free UCoin by clicking claim every time round that has been determined.

Auto Claim

Claim free money automatically every time that has been set.

Surf Ads

Earn free UCoin by surfing ads from our advertisers.

Read Articles

Earn free UCoin by reading articles on our blog.


Earn huge amount of free UCoin by completing shortlinks.


Complete online tasks and earn UCoin.


Reach high score or levels, and earn free UCoin.


Mine UCoin and earn while you sleep.


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Complete offers and get paid higher than all available features.


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All Payout History

# Wallet Amount Method Time
149ch******eon@gmail.com2525.5 UCoinBTC faucetpay1 Hour, 4 Minutes ago
148ch******eon@gmail.com2076.4 UCoinBTC faucetpay4 Hours, 32 Minutes ago
147ti******ay@gmail.com4342.6 UCoinUSDT faucetpay17 Hours, 19 Minutes ago
146za******ri1212640@gmail.com453.3 UCoinSOL faucetpay21 Hours, 6 Minutes ago
145ke******eny26@gmail.com267.8 UCoinUSDT faucetpay1 Day, 2 Hours ago
144j3******@gmail.com345.6 UCoinDOGE faucetpay1 Day, 7 Hours ago
143js******7@gmail.com1045.6 UCoinUSDT faucetpay1 Day, 11 Hours ago
142fo******san7@gmail.com2774.2 UCoinDOGE faucetpay1 Day, 13 Hours ago
141fo******san7@gmail.com1626.3 UCoinUSDT faucetpay1 Day, 13 Hours ago
140i5******i1970@gmail.com1861.2 UCoinBTC faucetpay1 Day, 17 Hours ago
139ma******karjoy25@gmail.com426.1 UCoinUSDT faucetpay2 Days, 3 Hours ago
138ha******n4dp@gmail.com172.1 UCoinUSDT faucetpay2 Days, 6 Hours ago
137an******gomes@gmail.com9768.4 UCoinUSDT faucetpay2 Days, 13 Hours ago
136an******gomes@gmail.com1000 UCoinUSDT faucetpay2 Days, 13 Hours ago
135an******gomes@gmail.com1000 UCoinUSDT faucetpay2 Days, 13 Hours ago
134ti******ay@gmail.com7600.2 UCoinUSDT faucetpay2 Days, 18 Hours ago
133sa******k.jumamuratov58@gmail.com26009.7 UCoinBTC faucetpay2 Days, 18 Hours ago
132ch******eon@gmail.com2374.9 UCoinBTC faucetpay3 Days, 21 Hours ago
131ch******eon@gmail.com4582.4 UCoinBTC faucetpay4 Days, 2 Hours ago
130ch******eon@gmail.com2000 UCoinBTC faucetpay5 Days, 2 Hours ago